Welcome to my Urban Identity!
I am excited to introduce you to my photography portfolio, Urban Identity. 
As someone who has always been fascinated by capturing moments in time through pictures, Urban Identity reflects my journey as a photographer and my relationship with the urban environment.

I believe that all of us have been introduced to the world of pictures at some point in our lives, through capturing our own expressions, family members, or never-ending holidays. For me, this fascination with the graphic arts turned into a passion for photography, which led me to my first Pentax P30, 35mm camera back in 1985. 
Since then, photography has been an integral part of my life, and I made the move to DSLR in 2009.

The name Urban Identity reflects my connection with the urban environment, which is where most of us spend our lives. 
As per Wikipedia's definition, 'urban' refers to something that is related to cities and can encompass culture, lifestyle, and the area itself. In today's world, we are constantly fighting the daily battles of the urban jungle, trying to make a living. 
However, sometimes, we need to escape from our urban existence and recharge our souls before we step back into the race.

Through my photography portfolio, I hope to express my experiences and relationship with my urban life. 
I invite you to take a look at my portfolio and hope that my work resonates with you.
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