welcome to my urban identity!
at some point in our youth, in some shape or form, we have all been introduced to the world of ‘pictures’, the fascination of our own expression captured in a frozen moment, the nostalgia of never-ending holidays and the introduction to family members long gone. for some of us these experiences ignited a special passion for the graphic arts and in turn gave birth to our potential photographer within.
somewhere in 1985 my photographer stepped out – complete with my first pentax p30, 35mm camera! several years of life, work and passion passed until 2009 when I made the passage to dslr.
so, urban identity, you ask? maybe wikipedia’s definition will shed some light as to my thinking behind the name. according to them ‘urban’ is explained as “RELATED TO CITIES” and may refer to: area, culture or lifestyle.
in today’s eventful and hasty urban jungle we fight daily battles to make our living, but sometimes we escape from our urban existence to recharge our souls before we step back into the race. my portfolio expresses my experiences in my relationship with my ‘urban life’
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